Overall Solution

           The Designer And Builder Of Poultry And Swine Farm

Farm construction procedure:

We can provide for you:

The customized optimal design. We can avoid the loss caused by false design due to lack of specialized knowledge.

Effectively managing each overlapping sub-projects, eliminate the factors influencing the time schedule.

Precisely control the positions for future product mounting, in case of errors leading to reconstruction.

Design from an integral perspective, reasonable arrangement reduces the construction time span.

Specialized project management, professional installation team ensures the project is conducted under safe and scheduled supervision.

Professional and considerate after-sale service eliminates the customer’s concerns and worries.

Our advantages:

>>>Specialized Process Design:    

The process design is the fundamental guarantee for safe and high efficiency farm production. Big Herdsman has a specialized and experienced process design team, which always pursues excellence and innovation. They aimed at create more profit for the customers.

 Design drawing                            3D model for your reference                Scientific design, making

                                                                                                                 full use of the resources

>>>Specialized Construction Design

We’ll perfectly integrate the technological processing, production and project construction, to make the three run in best


Based on Big Herdsman’s powerful strength in technology development and innovation, we’ll offer you a customized

project, which integrated both the construction standard and individualization.

We have a design team with international perspective and we also have cooperation partners. These resources ensure our

design always ranks in the front of this field.

The integrated design and construction enables the customer no longer need to divide a whole project into several small

subunits. The only thing you need to do is to tell us your requirement, and just leave everything to us. We ensures you that there is no need to worry about losing the best market opportunity caused by project delay or other negligence.

>>>Professional Project Construction And Management

We have experienced specialized project managing team, who are responsible for farm construction management in the

whole process.

Precise management controls every detail in the project, including the time schedule and project quality.

Our project management includes the risk managing, we’ll eliminate the potentials problems for you in time.

We are glad to keep in good communication with the customers, provide them the specialized opinion and solutions and make sure their profit is maximized.

1、Professional and concentrated

2、Focus on every detail    

3、control every single process of the project

4、Keep improving the standard of acceptance check.

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