feeding system


Layout of main feeding system

1、silo  2、pvctube   3、feed line  4、drop tube 5、drive motor 

                                                                                               Broiler feedline system composing



                    ●Delivery pipe and auger

                    ●Feed pan

                    ●Feed sensor and drive motor

                    ●Hang piece

                    ●anti-roost piece


Big Herdsman Broiler Feed Pan

TYPICAL03(14 Grill) TYPICAL05(14 Grill)

        TYPICAL03(14 Grill)          TYPICAL05(14 Grill)              Drap Groupware



●Typical 05 feed pan has 6 feed level, can be manual and automatic adjusted. Other two feed pans have 13 levels to adjust.

●Slide shutter-off can adjust feed amount from complete open to complete close.

●Adjusting the feeding amount of typical 05 pan convenient, fast and accurate. After pan is assembled, to hold its grill, rotate up and down and fix position when regulating.

●Pan plate can be disassembled on the ground working as specialy pan for 0-7 days old chicken.

●V-pan plate design can reduce feed storage at pan bottom. Bird can have fresh feed every day. This design can also prevent bird from staying on the plate too long.

●Edge of pan plate tilt towards the center which can avoid the waste of feed.

●Smooth edge can prevent the bird craw from hurt and make sure safety and comfort feeding.

●Assemble type of the pan in the pipe can be fixed or swing.


Main features:

Drive device adopt vertical reducer motor, which is more reliable and steady, lowernoise and uniform

delivery feed compared with mechanical reduction gear.Delivery speed reach up to 36m/min.

The height of feed trough can be adjusted according to different raising period.
The support of feed trough is made of high intensity nylon material, antiseptic and
anti-corrosion, more suitable for poultry house environment.

90 degree corner and slideway surface are treated by special
harden process, with alloy bearing no oiling injection.Compared
with other supplier, these parts are more durable and have long life.

Feed trough is made of anti-rust material, and grill with 44mm
distance can effectively separate the male and female birds. Can
also be customized according to customer specifications with
different grill distance.

In the interface position of feed box and feed trough, there
is a feed cover plate to avoid feed overflow effectively .


Drive system

Gear Motor: 1.1kw or 1.5kw.
Feed delivery speed V = 30m/min or 40m/min
Drive system shell: stainless steel
Driving (driven) wheel: reinforced nylon
Designed with safety pin With chain
tighten device and emergency stop swtich

Delivery system:

Feed pipe: 4 hole /3 m pipe
Diameter of feed pipe: φ45mm
Material of feed pipe: hot galvanized steel,
galvanizing thickness 275g/㎡
Pipe thickness: 1.2 mm
Feed delivery capacity: 900kg/h
Feed pipe could reserve 400-500g feed
per meter


long lasting and anti- fracture
Disc is durable and resist breakage after
special processing.Breaking force : 1.6tons

Non-feed-remaining corner
Corner and corner shell material- hot
galvanized sheet or stainless steel, the
idler material- cast iron.

Main features

●4 feed pan per 3 meter, that is 750mm interval between 2 feed pans
●Feed pan diameter 360mm
●Material: PP
●Feed capacity : 12.5 bird per pan
●16 grills, width adjustable from 40-52mm, 11 levels. Suitable for different type and day

old of breeder.
●Feed hole height-adjustable from 70mm, 80mm, 90mm 3 levels. When grill width is 52mm and feed hole height is 90 mm, the pullet could goes in and come out freely.
●When feed hole height is 70mm, the feed will not overflow.
●Feed pan capacity: 7 levels, 300- 800g feed per pan, and could meet breeder feeding
requirement at different stage of growth.
●With slide shutter-off, could shut any feed pan freely.
●Pan bottom dish could be disassembled easily for washing. Hanging with grill, there is no
need to disassemble pan completely when washing, easy and clean to re-assemble.

Male Feed pan
●Diameter: 360mm
●Material: PP (polypropylene)
●Feeding capacity:6 ~ 8male birds/pan
●9-grill design: enough eating space with more cock
●Clamp prevents the pan from rotating and keep the feed in the middle of the pan.
●Manual adjuster on the pan head can regulate the feed level of cylinder to the best
position. Save feed to the great extent.

●Feed pan diameter: 430mm, height of pan plate 45mm,height of grill outer edge 100mm.

 All is made of virgin material, sturdy, anti-aging and anti-deformation.
●Unique big exteral edge along the pan plate can recycle the feed leaking from the duck mouth,

 and save feed by 5—8% compared to common pan.
●Feed amount can be adjusted at different level, and designed with slide shutter-of.
●Convinient to remove (Patented design), save time and energy
●Feeding Capacity: 30-40birds/pan

lnitial stage of growth:


                                                    lnitial stage of growth---0to 10 days


Increase the hoardings in the late:


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