Feed delivery and feeding system

Big Herdsman automatic delivering system is composed of silo, driving unit, feeddoser and feed trough. Designed in sealed structure, the system greatly reducethe cross infection. Automatic feed delivery realizes high standard automationof the entire farm.

The silo is composed of feed container, lid , ladder,support legs and so on. The feed container part is two side hot galvanized withzinc layer of 275/m2 on each side. There is a view window on the bottom sheet,for convenience of feed observation. There are multiple choices of silocapacity for your option. The silo is with high strength, anti-corrosive,durable and easy for transportation and installation.

Formed by vacuum integral molding, and adopt special resin and FRPmaterial, the strength and intensity of the silo is 2-3 times of the manuallay-up molding and spray forming ones. It’s heat insulating, anti-corrosive,with light weight and easy for installation. The sealing adopts sikafiex glueimported from Swiss, which is anti-UV and with nice sealing effect. The silo isalso designed with view window for feed observation. Smooth inner shellprevents feed blocking, and nice insulation performance avoids feed get dewedor damaged by sunlight heating.

Auger feed line system


Imported, IP55, shell and input/output flange made of cast aluminum. The motor boasts of fast heat radiation, rust free and always in stable operation.


High quality spring steel, imported from South Arica.

Chain disc feed line system(φ60)

Drive unit

Motor: imported, 1.5kw, IP55, aluminum alloy shell, rust-resistant;

Driving box: SS, δ=2mm, rust-resistant and feed accumulation prevention design;

Driving and driven wheel: aluminum alloy material, rust-resistant;

Limit switch and electrical overloading double protection, installed with auto tensioning and emergency stop devices in high sensitivity;

Transparent cover: easy to observe the inside operation and feed condition.


SS 304 and hot galvanized material two options;

Full set of SS standard parts;

Fast installation and removal, simple for maintenance.

Chain disc

Chain is made of 20Mn2 material, with breaking force of over 1.8 tons;

Disc is made of PA66 material, with high intensity and wear-resistant。

Feed sensor

Imported, stable and with high sensitivity.


• Associated with φ PVC or galvanized feed pipe

• Associated with Big Herdsman lasted patented product: auto feed cleaning disc chain feed line.

Feed doser

• Accurate feeding

• Double scale reference, accurate to 0.1L, simple operation.

• Cylinder design, reasonable cone angle at bottom attribute to smooth feed drop.

• Feed drop vertically, no feed stocking and leaking situation.

• Huge capacity: 8L capacity meet the requirement of 1-2 times feed drop each day.

• Simple cleaning: fission structure, easy to be removed for cleaning, avoids feed mildew.

• Simple medicine adding : convenient for both manual and auto medicine adding, and sow info can be hanged to it.

• Endurable: semi-transparent engineering plastic material, stable structure and long-lasting service life.

Feed saving sow feeder

The feed drop speed can be adjusted via changing the space between inner cylinder and plastic ball. When the feeder is not used, the plastic ball will seal the feed drop outlet under gravity. When the pigs are eating, they will hog the plastic ball up, so that the feed get into the feed trough via outer cylinder. You can realize different feeding mode by associated  with different accessories.


1. Keep the feed fresh, feed the sows with fresh feed 24hs a day.

2. Reduce the feed waste.

3. Better location, higher mating rate, higher weaning body weight.

Ad Libitum Cylinder Feeder

 Feed saving, and investment can be returned in one year.

 The feed is always kept clean and fresh.

 Optimized feeding space, reducing the cost for each single pig.

 Patented design, simple structure and endurable service life.

Dry and liquid feeder

Multiple feed drop angle, separated feed drop, no feed stuck, no waste, dry liquid feed, liquid feed eliminate respiratory disease.

FH model SS feed trough

1. adjustable feed level, make sure pig take fresh feed all the time.

2. increase FCR, reduce feed waste, daily gain increase 5%.

3. SS 304, wall thickness 1.5mm, integrated welding, firm and reliable.

4. easy adjustment.

5. easy assembling and installation.

6. expandable feed volume.

JYGA Technology is one of the best partners aboard of Big Herdsman. JYGA Tech is the first one who innovated the real automation feeding system for lactation sows in the world, and has been the best since 1994.

Gestal 3G, the innovative feeding system for gestating sows in groups, allows inexpensive individual feeding for sows in groups(25% less), diminishes competition for access to feed and facilitates training compared to ESF systems.


Ratio of 15-20 sows/gilts per station;

Adaptable to any size of farm (10 sows and more);

Feed distributed= truly consumed;

Sows enter the database at their first visit in the station;

Feeding curve related to the farrowing system.

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