Swine online management system

Perfectly to realize everything is under control even if you don't enter the poultry house.

Send alarm messages to several cell phones automatically.

Big Herdsman Computer Monitoring system and SMS Alarm realize to manage the poultry house without entering in it.

>>>Local monitoring

Real-time monitoring climate controller parameters, watching equipment running status; Complete

history data storage, statistics automatically; To realize the remote automatic control and management;

climate controller and computer alarm automatically.


>>>Remote monitoring

Remote control center can be set up in company headquarters. Users need to select the communication mode in accordance with the control center computer Video System

networking. In this way, to realize real-time management of environment controllers parameter and equipment working condition within the network. Video

system is an available option, which can monitor real-time condition of poultry and livestock.

>>>Control management

                 Control Center                                              Daily control                                     Data report form

Video monitoring device

   Field Device                                                               Live Video

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