Environment control system

50" Fan---2013 model

● Frame panel, shutter and cone are with high anticorrosive material, hot galvanized material (275g/m2) or superdyma panel, anti corrosive, with good appearance, and incomplete body stamping form.

● detachable shutter body, with easier installation and maintenance.

● cross-type blade support, with more reliable fan.

50" energy saving cone fan 2013 model

Axial-flow Ventilation Fan with Centrifugal system

Centrifugal system can open the shutter automatically with power on.Smooth operation,low noise and consistent air flow.

When power is off, shutters close under the action of gravity and spring. Shutter pieces close tightly with good sealing effect.

Roof Fan

Applied for poultry house ventilation, designed with rain shield or rain collecting plate and auto shutter, this roof fan effectively prevents rain leaking and air returning. The shell is made of fiberglass, anti-corrosive and long-lasting.

Light trap
The light trap panel adopts PVC material, flame-resistant and climate enduring, it’s with high intensity and geometry stability,

highly resistant to oxidant and reductant, as well as strong acid.

28”Constant Speed Roof fan
● Applied for poultry house ventilation, integral forming by PE (polyethylene), resistant to sunlight and frost, highly anti-corrosive and durable.
● Blade is made of nylon+fiberglass material, it’s of high intensity and anti-corrosive.
● Fan inlet kit is controlled by air valve actuator, which can open or close the baffle plate to prevent air from returning.
● Rain shield or rain collecting plate for your option to prevent rain leaking in. The rain shield will reduce the air flow by 20-25%, whereas rain collecting plate only reduces the air flow by 3-5%.

BH990 Air inlet

● Made of specially selected high-quality PSengineering plastics, with high strength and long lasting life, together with superioranti-aging and anti-UV performance.

● Specially designed door upper edge perfectly fitsinto the frame (patented). which makes its sealing effect ranks the top ones inthe field.

● Designed with deflectors on two sides,perfectly prevent the cold air blowing down and guiding the air to the centerof the poultry house with a more evenly distributed way.

● Prefect position for inlet door return spring,solving the problem of door deformation under long term force. Moreover, the reinforcedrib is positioned inside of the door panel to strengthen its structure.

● Specially designed protective mesh effectivelykeeps the all kinds of birds outside.

● Air inlet top deflector helps to direct the airto poultry house center.

BH2180 Air inlet

● SEBS sealing strip ensures nice sealing effect

● There is a top deflector for option, whichguide the air into the poultry house center.

● The associated inlet control system can makesure the opening accuracy and uniformed opening amount.

● There is an emergency open device for your option.This device helps to automatically open the ventilation during power failure,in case of the birds suffocated.

BH2380 Air inlet

● Better sealing effect

● Better air deflecting effect

● Nice heat isolation and anti-freezing effect

● Its height meets the requirement of largeventilation amount.

● The associated inlet control system can makesure the opening accuracy and uniformed opening amount.

● There is an emergency open device for your option.This device helps to automatically open the ventilation during power failure,in case of the birds suffocated.

Big Herdsman provide for you the optimum ventilation system and related equipmentsas per the poultry farm environment and poultry house design.

Ventilation Mode

l  The minimum ventilation mode

When the target temperature T0 is higher than the detected temperature T1, the air inlet will open to a small amount,and only a few fans will get started. The fan will be working at regular intervals to ensure the desired negative pressure. The cold air outside can get into the center of the poultry house and mixed with the warm air inside.

l Transitional ventilation mode

When the temperature outside is not too hot. T0< T1, the air inlet will keep opening a little bigger, and the number of fans in operation will increase.When T0= T1, the air inlet will stop opening and the system will be in a stable mode.

l Longitudinal ventilation mode

When T is a little higher, air inlet opening amount adjusting only cannot satisfy the desired cooling effect. This is when all the air inlets will be closed, and the panel door will open. As the temperature increases, the panel door open amount will be bigger, and at the same time, more fans will start running.

When all the fans are open and the temperature is still not lowered to T0, the cooling pad will be working at regular intervals. As the outside temperature keep increasing, the cooling pad working period will get longer. The cooling effect will get to the maximum when the cooling pads are put into running all time.

BH9100 Climate Controller

l  7”/ 10” touch screen control, beautiful and elegant in appearance.

l  Automatically control 26 fan groups, set up 36 levels of ventilation, realize fine control.

l  Automatic control the heaters, capable of controlling 5 separate heating zones.

l  Automatic control the inlets, curtain, fogging system, cooling pad water pump, lighting and feeding system.

l  Analog output automatically control the speed fan and light intensity.

l Capable of connected with the inside and outside temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor and CO2 sensor.

l  Automatically calculate the ventilation rate, wind speed and body felt temperature.

l  Managing water amount,feed amount and historical data.

l  Automatic alarm system, including various alarm types.

l  Restore the factory setting, system time setting and update time setting.

l  Connected with computers in the office to realize remote control.

Big Herdsman cooling pad is made of raw material, by sticking wave fiber paper. After integrating some special chemical composition and post-processing, the cooling pad is anticorrosive, high strength, and with long service life.It can supply enough surface area for heat exchange of the water and air and also can purify the air as a natural filter.

Typical features

●Hygroscopicity: after a special formula and process, the pad surface has good performance in absorbing water while can prevent water droplets come out from the surface.

●Instant-drying : when water stop flowing on pad surface, its protection coat will dry very soon,in this case, animal cule can not live on the surface which prevent the growing of alga.

●No micro hole on the surface: This can prevent the alga etc live in deep part of pad. Algaetc will fall off automatically when the pad become dry.

Removable aluminum alloy frame

Removable aluminum alloy frame is beautiful and practical, easy to  remove,high-strength, after the installation,the water distribution is even and no leaking because of its tight structure.

Technical data

● Speciation: thickness: 0.1m /0.15m. Height: 1.5m/1.8m/2.0m.Width: 0.6m
● Frame: there are two choices, galvanized or alloy of aluminum and aurum.

The working mechanism of humidification cooling

Spray cooling is using the principle of water adjusting the climate, fed the purification water of the filter to high-pressure nozzle after  the high pressure pump, and the mist particles moving in a circulating air and mixing with the surrounding hot air, absorb a lot of heat, while the air is evaporated to accelerate the air flow, the temperature of the surrounding air is rapidly reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.


Cooling and humidification: water spraying into the air from the high pressure nozzle in poultry house, erupted and quickly spread out, absorbing heat, so as to achieve the effect of cooling and humidification.

Dust removing and disinfection: during the process of mist falling,the air will be purified. We can also add water-soluble disinfectant medicine to achieve the disinfection effect.

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