Climate control system

50" Fan---2013 model

●Frame panel, shutter and cone are with high anticorrosive material, hot galvanized material (275g/m2) or superdyma panel,

anti corrosive, with good appearance, and incomplete body stamping form.

●detachable shutter body, with easier installation and maintenance

●cross-type blade support, with more reliable fan


50" energy saving cone fan 2013 model

Axial-flow Ventilation Fan with Centrifugal system

Centrifugal system can open the shutter automatically with power on.Smooth operation,

low noise and consistent air flow.

When power is off, shutters close under the action of gravity and spring. Shutter pieces

close tightly with good sealing effect.

36” axial-flow fan with tensioner

Variable speed fan

Adjust air speed and air flow according to the temperature in the house, power saving

optimization design.

anti-rust, corrosion resisting, low noise, suitable for winter ventilation in pig and poultry

house, reduce heat loss in winter.

Roof fan

Roof fan is mainly used in exchanging air in the house. The fan is equipped with the

rain cover and automatic open and close the shutters, can prevent the rain and air flow

back effectively, the shell is made of fiber glass, anti-corrosion resistance, and improve

the service life.

             Variable speed fan                                                                       Roof fan

                      HAND WINCH                                                        AUTO WINCH

Air inlet

●Made with specially chosen highly qualitated PS project plastics, solid and durable, anti-aging and anti-UV.
●Structure of the upper edges of the windows with air tight design, closer after closing, this design could help your poultry house isolate from outside.
●Wind air directing board situated in both sides of the windows, effectively preventing the wind from blowing down, letting fresh air flush into the center of the birdhouse, spreading it evenly, ideal effect for air exchanging.
●best position to install the spring for closing the flap, provent the flap from bending due to long term using. strengthen design provent the shape changing of the air- inlet.
●anti-bird mesh, provent the wild bird from fly in, and the special design will not block wind from blow in.
●Possible to add wind deflactor Air inlets could be opened at three angels to make ventilation uniformly.

●This new model directs the fresh air to the top of the room.

●Speed up the fresh air to the middle of the house, and minimize the bird’s stress.

●We provide for you different width for your option, 560, 630, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, the

longer ones can reduce the quality of openings and air inlets.

                                                                         Sectional view for different opening amount


Note: the opening is recommended to

be 1200*270.(262) indicate the real dimension.

Smoke experiment for 16m-width poultry house with ceiling

Big Herdsman cooling pad is made of raw material, by sticking wave fiber paper. After integrating some special 

chemical composition and post-processing, the cooling pad is anticorrosive, high strength, and with long service 

life.It can supply enough surface area for heat exchange of the water and air and also can purify the air as a 

natural filter.

Typical features

●Hygroscopicity: after a special formula and process, the pad surface has good performance inabsorbing 

water while can prevent water droplets come out from the surface.
●Instant-drying : when water stop flowing on pad surface, its protection coat will dry very soon,
in this case,

 animalcule can not live on the surface which prevent the growing of alga.
●No micro hole on the surface: This can prevent the alga etc live in deep part of pad. Algaetc 
will fall off 

automatically when the pad become dry.


Removable aluminum alloy frame

Removable aluminum alloy frame is beautiful and practical, easy to  remove,high-strength, after the installation,

the water distribution is even and no leaking because of its tight structure.

Technical data

●Speciation: thickness: 0.1m /0.15m. Height: 1.5m/1.8m/2.0m.Width: 0.6m
●Frame: there are two choices, galvanized or alloy of aluminum and aurum.


New type plastics lat and support


The working mechanism of humidification cooling

spray cooling is using the principle of water adjusting the climate, fed the purification water of the filter to 

high-pressure nozzleafter after the high pressure pump, and the mist particles moving in a circulating air and 

mixing with the surrounding hot air, absorb a lot of heat, while the air is evaporated to accelerate the air flow, 

the temperature of the surrounding air is rapidly reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.


●water spraying into the air from the high pressure nozzle in birdhouse, erupted and quickly spread out, absorting 

heat, so as to achieve the effect of cooling and humidification.
●Dust and disinfection: during the process of mist falling, may make the air purification, while the 

cooling device (plastic nozzle) can be added to the water-soluble disinfectant medicine,spray systems is the 

best chicken disinfection product.

Panel door

Mounted in the air inlet to the inside of cooling pad, in the cold season off to insulate, in vertical ventilation

season to adjust the opening size and fresh air inlet flow.

Product Features
1. 3tier sandwich insulation panels (FRP + PS + fiberglass), to prevent energy loss;
2. Continuous EPDM foam seal to resist harmfulwind and prevent leakage;
3. Completely closed during the winter, insulation performance is eight times more than the
normal curtain;
4. With sufficient stiffener to prevent bending, deformation and not sealed tightly;
5. Each rib with adjustable arm garbage, save your force to adjust clamping force.
●eliminate the dead angle of inlet of cooling pad when tunnel ventilation
●eliminate a large area ventilation Dead angle on both sides of the wall when tunnel ventilation
●Control airflow direction, screwed air, better mixing with the air
●heating costs lower than normal curtain about 15%
●You can easily adjust the opening in accordance with instructions issued by the controller

Infrared Thermography for 10days                                       without panle door

chicken in cold winter(with panle door)      


Two-row traction machine is manure removal equipment designed for ladder-typecaged chicken, high-rearing bed,can be used for large captive cage system, net farm , it can effectively save labor and improve coop

dirty, poor environment.

Product Features

Compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to operate;
●Scraping manure board with all hot galvanizing;
●Traction rope usewaterproof, moistureproof, high temperature-resistant, wear-resistant PP material.


with 3P motor power 2.2kw
●Traction length less than 130m
●Travel speed of 7.8m / min
●scraping over 95%

●traction rope dia. 16mm

Gutters maximum width 2.2m

The light trap panel adopts high quality PVC material, which is flame resistant and climate resistant and with high intensity.
It also boasts of nice geometric stability, resistant for oxidant, reductant and strong acid.


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